Entertaining the World For Over Two Decades

Jeffshelly is a global leader specializing in creating top class entertainment content on various media and consumer platforms for kids and families across the world. 


Jeffshelly Animation is a pioneering institution in the field of animation in Asia. Founded in 1999, the studio specializes in producing high quality, value-oriented content for kids and families around the world.


Since its establishment in 1999, Jeffshelly has collaborated with animation and live action producers across the globe to develop, produce and distribute world class entertainment content for kids and families.


A pioneering institution in the area of animation training in South Asia, Jeffshelly Animation Academy was established in 2002 with the aim to groom highly skilled professionals in the Animation Visual effects Gaming & Comics (AVGC) industry

What We Do

Jeffshelly is a 360-degree media powerhouse and one of the world’s leading animation production companies creating, producing, and distributing premium content for kids and families across the world.

Driven By The Passion To Create Lasting Memories
Driven By The Passion To Make Kids Happy
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3D Animated Casino

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Jeffshelly is a 360-degree media powerhouse with over two decades of unparalleled experience and one of Asia’s most active animation production studios (over 10,000 minutes of 2D and CGI kids and family content per year).

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