How to Animate Graphics in iMovie

Today, we will be discussing how to animate graphics within iMovie. We covered adding text to iMovie last week. Today we’ll show you how to animate that text or other graphics, like your logo and icons, so they pop, move, and drop in your video. This is possible with Keynote or iMovie, both accessible and highly user-friendly.

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Okay, let’s move on to how to animate graphics with iMovie.

You can create icons and graphics using a free tool called. After you log in to your Canva user account, you can create graphics and icons by clicking the link below. This design is chosen because it has a square form.

Click on “elements” from the menu to the left. Next, use the search bar for the icon type you want. Let’s take, for example, the icons I wish to make those that appear when I say, “make sure you subscribe and hit the bell.” Let’s search YouTube for YouTube and select the first icon that appears. On our second page, search the bell for the one that plays an alarm. You can change the icon’s color using the color picker at the top or leave them as they are.

Once you have edited your graphics the way you like and wish to save them to your PC, click the downward-pointing arrow at the top right. Make sure the file type is PNG. Click on “download” if you don’t mind the white background or any other background appearing on your video.

However, transparent backgrounds are best. This will allow the graphics to overlay whatever you have in the video. To do this, click on the ‘fine backdrop’ checkbox. You can download Canva Pro’s transparent backgrounds for free for 30 days by clicking the link below. As you can see, we only have the icons and no experience.

Once you have downloaded your graphics, it is time to animate them with Keynote. You can open Keynote by going to finder, apps, then selecting Keynote. Or, use the search tool at the top of the menu to open the spotlight search. To open Keynote:

  1. Type in Keynote and then click on the app.
  2. Click on ‘file’ in the top menu, then click on ‘new.
  3. Select the white presentation from the list of ‘wide presentation themes’ and click on choose.’

Let’s remove the two textboxes on the screen and import the graphics we have just created. Click on insert>, then ‘choose>, find and select the Canva graphics and click on ‘insert>. You can adjust the size and position of these graphics to make them look and feel exactly how you want. Each one will be added to the top corners.

Click on the graphic you wish to animate, then click on animate from the menu at the top right. Click on the ‘add an effects’ button, which is located at the top of the screen. Then choose an effect from among the options. Let’s suppose I want the YouTube icon to “drop.” I will select it. The effect can be extended or decreased in duration. Let’s reduce that to one second and see how it will look. You can pick which effect you want to see first. For example, I want these graphics when I say, “make sure to subscribe and click the bell.” Therefore, the YouTube icon will be number 1, and the bell icon number 2. Click on the bell to activate it. Repeat the process.

We need to save the animated presentation with a transparent backdrop, just like we kept our graphics in Canva. Click on “format” from the top-right menu and change the color fill to “no fill.” As you can see, it will make the background black. This is because there’s no background. It’s transparent.

When you are happy with your animations, click on “file,” “export to,” and choose movie.” Click on the “resolution” button and choose ‘Apple pro-res 4444″. This will save the animation with transparent background. It’s similar to saving images with transparent backgrounds as PNG. Save the presentation by clicking “Next” and adding your animated graphics.

Once you have animated your graphics, it is time to add them to your video in iMovie. You can open iMovie by going to finder, apps, then selecting iMovie. Or, use the search tool at the top of the menu to open the spotlight search. To open iMovie, type in the following: Click on iMovie to create a new project, then click on the movie to import the video clip to which you wish to add animated graphics.

Drag and drop the movie clip to the work area. The animated graphics will be above it. Your vibrant graphics will be displayed when you click on “play.” Drag the animated pictures to adjust the start and stop times. You can also trim the clip if it seems too long. Stay tuned next week for my video on editing a video using iMovie.

You now know how to animate graphics using iMovie. Click the link below to receive a free cheat sheet with nine excellent tools to increase productivity and save time in your online business.

What kind of graphics do you add animations too? Comment below, and please leave your answers. To access the cheat sheet as well as a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro to view transparent backgrounds, make sure you click the link in the description.

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